Quick shots week 27: Great art and nostalgic video games

5. Flashpoint: Hall Jordan #1                                                                  7.7
For a photo realistic art style, this book is really dynamic, both in layouts and the panels themselves. A hugely entertaining read of the reckless Hall Jordan trying to sway Carol Ferris. At the end of the book Abin Sur shows up, but he already has his own Flashpoint series. Does that mean Hall will be intergalactic deputy of space Sector 2814?
6. Ultimate X #5                                                                                       7.4
The best book Jeph Loeb has done in a long, long while. The art by Art Adams is what really sells this book. ‘Karen’ finds a last gamma irradiated addition to her X-men who are not X-men and Nick Fury shows up as a kind of deus ex machina. Didn’t they stop doing that? Don’t worry though, just look at the pretty pictures.
7. Sonic  the Hedgehog #226                                                                      7
Inspired by Vince B. of the Eleven O’Clock comics podcast I decided to give the blue speedster hedgehog of video game fame a try. I wasn’t disappointed, yet I wasn’t blown away. It’s a good comic that’s appropriate for kids and had some great lines for adults. Nothing wrong with it, just not my cup of tea.
8. Carnage #5                                                                                                 7
My guilty pleasure if ever I had one. This does not change the symbiote game like the current Venom series does. It’s just Venom beating the snot out of Spidey and Iron Man. I’m a product of the nineties and this makes me nostalgic for Maximum Carnage, both the story and the SNES 16 bit video game. I just kept wondering, why not use a sonically based weapon and be done with it? Zebb Wells has a good handle on the characters and the dark Clayton Crain arts suits the mood of Carnage.
9. Marvel Universe vs Wolverine #1                                                         7
Surprisingly good start to this self-contained mini-event. I liked Jonathan Maberry’s writing on the Vibranium Wars and this is equally good. The guy knows his way around a large cast. Great dark, moody art by Laurence Campbell enhanced with Lee Loughridge on colors. It’s like Marvel Zombies seen though the heroes’ eyes.
10.  Fear Itself #4                                                                                       6.9
Great art, not so good writing. The characters don’t sound right and plot jumps around too much and Cap and Thor start to resemble their movie counterparts more closely every proceeding panel. To me personally this is the worst event book I’ve ever read.
11. Flashpoint: Project Superman #1                                                        6
I read this after Flashpoint #3, expecting to find out more about the Superman I saw in the main book. What do I get instead? A story about another guy with bad character design (especially the angular hair) and the promise of the real Superman next issue. Decent story, though not what you would expect of the title and really rough art.

So my second week as a comic book reviewer. Honestly it was great fun. I read 16 issues and on average grade them 7.9. Not bad at all.


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