Runner ups for week 31: Red Wing 1, Spontaneous 1, Crawl to me 1

2. The Red Wing #1 (Image comics)
Time traveling fighter jet pilots and a young cadet who believes his pilot father who went Missing In Time (MIT) is still alive. Another great inventive story-hook by writer Jonathan Hickman. The art by Nick Pitarra is rich in details and varies from great to sublime between panels. Really good art, really good writing and an original plot. If that doesn’t make you want to buy it, then maybe you would if I mention the jet fight that sweeps over ancient Rome as well as dinosaurs. Honestly it’s a good book, fun and it promises to be a bit cerebral, go check it out!
Art: 8.5      Writing: 9       Overall: 8.8

3. Spontaneous #1 (Oni press)
An exciting new series from the creators of Ghost Projekt and the Surrogates, about a boy making an almost scientific study of the spontaneous combustion of inhabitants of his hometown. After being witness to a spontaneous combustion of a man-eating at the fast-food joint where he works, he meets a young reporter who is puzzled by the lack of explanation for the man going up in flames. The boy introduces her to his research and explains his theories about probability and such stuff. It ends with them studying and contacting another ‘burner’ who is especially volatile. Holy shit, the art is a mix between Sam Keith and Ben Templesmith’s more figurative work (say Fell), but it’s the grimy, dirty colors that are put over the inks that stand out the most. A fun and captivating first issue, I will certainly pick up the rest of this series.
Art: 9    Writing: 8.5      Overall: 8.8

4. Crawl to me #1 (IDW Publishing)
Genuinely creepy, this issue gave me that feeling in my stomach and throat throughout most of the story. Great art in the vein of Dave McKean and Ben Templesmith’s 30 Days of Night work (only much less ambiguous), for some persons the lightning effects may look a little too Photoshoped, but for me it worked really well. Especially the effects in the villains glasses, make him look extra creepy. The story tells of a man, named Ryan Shelby, who is waiting at his new home for his belongings to arrive, when suddenly a bunch of police cars show up to arrest his neighbor for sexual assault of a little girl. Ryan witnesses the massacre of the officers when the arrest escalates into a gunfight. When the dust settles and he goes to check things out it turns out the neighbor ( a registered sex offender) is a dark figure from Ryan’s past and that Ryan is mentally unstable. He drifts into a panic and everything around him disappears in splotches of blood. At the end of the issue it’s clear that Ryan is losing his mind mistrusting everyone, including his wife and afraid to take his medication. I really have no idea what next issue has in store…  Impressive book written, drawn, inked, colored and lettered by one guy: Alan Roberts. Additionally the back matter contains majorly interesting information on Roberts’ creative process.
Art: 8    Writing: 9.2      Overall: 8.6

PS. Since it’s already too late, the rest of my quick shots review will be up tomorrow evening! Good night everyone!


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