Geeky nerd or nerdy geek? Who knows? One thing is certain: spectacularly nerdy and geeky to the max. Tends to name things/pets/persons after characters from pop culture: One dog named after a Star Trek captain; one daughter called after a comic book character; three computers named after families from the Bold and the Beautiful. …Hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Okay, so the inspiration for this blog comes from watching the movie Julie and Julia about a blogger who challenges herself to make 524 recipes in 365 days (my wife’s pick honestly). Instead of cooking my ass of however, I plan on reading my ass of (I know: 100% less delicious)…

I read an assload of comics anyway. And most of the time I forgot what I’ve just read, 2 seconds after  I open a new book. I’m hoping that reviewing my reads will enhance the reading experience. Also, I hope it will give me some more insight into which comics I enjoy and which not. And lastly, I am curious to know how much shit I actually read, and how much of it is any good.

So that’s the set-up: I am attempting to write something, meaningful or not, about every freaking comic I read. Beginning now.

Gerard van der Waal
June 2nd 2011
Baarn, the Netherlands 

What do you think?

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