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Well, that didn’t work out as I had envisioned.

Reading over twenty books a week, staying current and writing something (from a certain point ANYTHING!) about every book turned out to be quite time consuming. Hell, it may have even lead to a minor bout of being burned out on comics. At this point I’m back in the wagon again, though perhaps at a somewhat healthier level. My pull list (fully digital, mind you) has shrunk down to seven monthly books, plus an odd number one issue here and there. Quite frankly, I can’t arse myself into reviewing these any more. Also, expressing my love for Saga, Locke & Key and The Walking Dead each month would grow old rather fast.

So that’s it then. It’s been fun. Is this blog dead? Practically, it absolutely is. Officially? Not quite yet…


(Though honestly it takes a lot of me not feel utterly pessimistic about even that vague notion. So don’t hold your breath. I sure won’t hold mine…)

Gerard van der Waal
Baarn, the Netherlands
April 18th 2013

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