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Quick Shots of week 28: Cap 1, Thor, New Mutants and a school for World Conquerors!

Captain America #1                                                                                 7.8
Beautiful art, the best of McNiven since Civil War. Does this follow Fear Itself, is Bucky dead or in prison? I’m kinda lost… Writing was a bit of a letdown, while the dialogues were good, the story did not do anything for me. Someone has it in for Cap, Nick Fury and Dum Dum Dugan and it looks like it’s someone that’s mad about Cap stealing his girl 60 years ago. I mean REALLY?
Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors #2                                    7.5
Surprise hit of the week! This all ages book published by Image Comics tells the story of a school for super villains. This issue looked great. The artist Armand Villavert is heavily channeling Kirby with a splash of Geoff Darrow, but the coloring really steals the show. The only downside is there are not many backgrounds here. Also, great sound effects like: wallop! and sizzle!. Neat little story that seems to be setting up a rich and interesting new world.
The Mighty Thor #3                                                                                7.3
Entertaining, but nothing special on the writing side. This characterization of Asgard and Asgardians is much stronger than in Fear Itself. While very good, the art is not up to snuff to Coipel’s Thor run with JMS. Maybe it’s the inks or the colors, but it might just be Coipel himself, since I think JMS really wrote to his strengths (wide, big, cinematic shots with lots of room to let the art breath). The many two pages wide panels on the top and bottom of the pages were a visual treat. Also, some Silver Surfer Kirby crackling speech balloons and a very naked Sif!
Detective Comics #879                                                                               7
This issue we follow commissioner Gordon as he continues the investigation of his son. Francevilla’s art was not as good as his last arc, much grace is saved however by his colors. This one sadly contains some clunky dialogues between Jim and Barbara.
New Mutants #27                                                                                         7
It suddenly hit me that this is art by Leonardo Fernandez, the great artist of Northlanders and Queen and Country fame. I love his art, but in this book it sticks out like a sore thumb… This issue contains some great, great panels, but the art really doesn’t fit the book. The story though is just fine.
New Mutants #26                                                                                     6.9
Solid story. Candy Man is a stupid villain but I am a child of the nineties, having survived the Age of Apocalypse he creeps me out! While the artwork really doesn’t work here, this story about the New Mutants trying to save Nate Grey aka X-man from Sugar Man really is pandering to the X-geeks (like me).
Brightest Day: Search for Swampthing #1                                            6
Is this how Constantine always sounds? Boy does that grow old fast… Art like Lionel Yu but worse… Some great panels mostly meh ones…
Vincent Price. His life story biography                                              4.2
I had hoped to learn something new about a classic horror movie actor, reading one of publisher Blue Water´s biography comics. While I did learn a little, I regretted my purchase almost instantly. Really inconsistent art and a boring read. Best part was the McDonalds PETA add in the back. Great cover though…

Thusly ends my third week as a comic book reviewer. Twelve books graded on average 7,1. Boy, do I like my own taste! Next week, Cosmic Odyssey! I´m reading it for the first time and wonder if it will be just as exciting as when I read the Infinity Gauntlet for the first time…